The world’s first seven-sided speaker system: the Nobilis Sonum 98
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Every now and then something out of the ordinary comes along; enter the world’s first seven-sided speaker system: The Nobilis Sonum 98, from Noble & Noble.

Noble & Noble motto is: Once you’ve heard the best there is no need to listen to the rest.

This is the mantra for the new Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98 Active HiFi Speakers that feature a 7 sided design.  I am always interested in new concepts for HiFi speakers and I will admit this one initially confused me, however after I read more and watched the videos it started to make more sense to me.  I do feel like more information published around the concept of the “worlds first resonance free speaker” would be nice such as vibration measurements and more and I hope to see this and more about these speakers in the future. I hope this news article is interesting to you the read

Why 7 Sides? 

Noble & Noble say the reason is simple its to create the Worlds first resonance free speaker.

Why and how to cancel out 100% of unwanted vibrations?

Noble & Noble Vibrations Cancellation System.

Why and how to cancel most of the cone surround distortion?

An inert ring incorporated into the 7th side

Why and how to decouple the tweeter ?

Noble & Noble say again the 7th side

Why and how to use a properly designed waveguide?

Six Noble & Noble reasons to buy their  speaker system:

1. Hassle-free and Plug & Play.
– With the Noble & Noble speaker system the (endless) hassle of having to choose an external amplifier and cables combination to go with a pair of passive speakers has come to an end. The benefit: Thanks to the Plug & Play reality there will be more time to enjoy your favourite music, hassle-free!

2. The WAF.
– The speaker system has a not to be neglected advantage which is the WAF (wife acceptance factor). All necessary elements are neatly built into the speaker system enclosure giving an uncluttered finish thus offering better interior design integration.

3. A complete and full integration = a speaker system.
– All necessary elements are neatly built into the speaker system enclosure and, of paramount importance, tuned by us, the manufacturer, to work seamlessly and flawlessly together, in other words a complete and full integration. That is why it’s called a speaker system.

4. Acoustical Fidelity.
– The Noble & Noble speaker system is a complete High-Resolution audio system. It brings true High-Resolution music streaming to the home and/or the office.

With the transition from passive to active speakers another advantage has come to the surface which is the improvement of the acoustical fidelity. Instead of one external analogue amplifier driving all the different speaker units now each speaker unit has its own dedicated digital amplifier thus guaranteeing a perfectly optimized combination. Another advantage is the build-in Digital Signal Processor unit so the digital signal stays digital right from the start until the last possible moment when it is converted into an analogue signal to drive the speaker units. Now, the signal stays pure all the way from the recording studio to the speaker system thus giving the best possible acoustical fidelity for your listening pleasures.

5. Upgrades made easy.
– As far as upgrades go digital has opened the door to faster and easier upgrades. Now, all you have to do is to connect the speaker system to the Internet and have it upgraded by us, the manufacturer, just like your Smartphone. FYI, the updates will be made available automatically and are Free of Charge, forever!

6. Less expensive.
– Last but not least, the Noble & Noble speaker system is actually less expensive than the passive equivalent, with similar sound quality, if only because the number of components (speakers + external amplifier and cables) has been reduced.

Price and Specification

Suggested Retail Price of the Nobilis Sonum 98: € 19,888.88 per pair.

For the full specifications please visit this page
– Number of digital sources which can be connected: 3.
– Number of analogue sources which can be connected: 2.
– Dimensions: 98 x 18 x 29 cm or 39 x 7 x 11 inches each.
– Standard color and finish: Infinite black with matte finish.
– Weight: 22.8 Kg each.
– Undistorted Maximum SPL level: 104 dB.
– Number of speaker units per speaker system: 2 x Midwoofer and 1 x Tweeter.
– This is already included: Digital amplifiers, a Digital Signal Processor unit and cables are all neatly built into the speaker system enclosure. A Remote Control is also included, for your comfort.
– Created, designed, engineered and handcrafted in The Netherlands.
– Warranty: 2 years parts and labour.