TAZAAR: the ‘digital logbook’ for your HiFi system

TAZAAR digital logbook website 1

Keeping a log

TAZAAR, a technology comoany are launching a new idea and product, a digital logbook technology. You can see it yourself at the upcoming HIGH END HiFi show in May 2024,

The TAZAAR digital logbook introduces a unique Digital Product Passport (DPP) embedded directly into electronic devices via a durable QR code or NFC chip. This technology creates a detailed record of each product’s life story – from its production and sale, through ownership transitions and service records.

For consumers, this means enhanced traceability, increased trust and an enriched ownership experience that transforms high-performance electronics into potential heirloom items.

TAZAAR’s initial focus is the high-end audio sector – products that are built to last and may be cherished by several owners over the course of many years. Manufacturers and distributors that embed TAZAAR’s technology in their products are said to gain deeper customer engagement and valuable insight into the post-purchase product journey and environmental footprint, accelerating the achievement of sustainability goals and enabling them to promote the value of responsibly made products.

The benefits to consumers is said to be verified information about a product’s origins and its journey to date, including current and past owners, its service history and so on – not unlike a vehicle’s logbook and service history making purchasing used items more secure.

Kerr Acoustic are an early adopter

Cambridge-based Kerr Acoustic is the first audio manufacturer to adopt TAZAAR’s digital logbook technology.

Jes Kerr, Managing Director of Kerr Acoustic, said: “We chose to use TAZAAR’s innovative and forward-thinking platform as it offers several unique benefits for both the manufacturer and the end user. Its digital product identity and traceability features are revolutionary in the space, allowing unique insights into a product’s journey from manufacturer to customer and beyond. This is highly advantageous, not only from a sustainability point of view, but also in ensuring product authenticity and proof of ownership. We feel privileged to be working alongside TAZAAR as an early adopter of its technology, which is already beginning to revolutionise the way our customers, retailers and distributors interact with our products.”