Sonus faber adapts to the new Maserati MC20 Cielo

Sonus faber is thrilled to announce the continuation of its celebrated partnership with Maserati, showcased in the audio system integration within the new Spyder MC20 Cielo. The system’s technology has been specifically optimised from the EISA award-winning MC20 Coupè to fit the unique acoustic and positioning needs of the RHT cabin, adjusting the sound based on the car’s roof positioning, to ensure the driver experiences the highest quality sound.

The Sonus faber High Premium audio system recognises the MC20 Cielo configuration and adapts automatically, updating time-alignment, equalisation and sound levels, instinctively offering the best possible performance, in line with Sonus faber’s DNA and signature sound. The 12-speaker system is expertly installed to achieve the natural sound that distinguishes Sonus faber audio products.

The Sonus faber High Premium audio system comprises 12 speakers: two tweeters, two midrange and two woofers on the door panel, one tweeter and midrange in the centre dashboard, plus two tweeters and two midrange in the rear.

Mario Passarelli, Sonus faber’s Manager of Research and Development said: “In the new MC20 Cielo, we developed two different tunings which are linked to the position of the capote. In fact, when the capote is open, the cabin environment changes completely, and so does the acoustic perception of the passengers.

“Therefore, we adjusted multiple factors including the gain levels, timbrical balance and cross-over filters to achieve a resulting sound replicating that of a live experience when the roof is open, and an enhanced immersive experience when the roof is closed – everything strictly in line with Sonus faber’s natural sound.”

Sonus faber’s automotive audio system utilises natural materials characteristic of the brand, including high-quality silk-dome tweeters. Designed and engineered in Italy, the Sonus faber High Premium audio system and Maserati MC20 blend power and natural sound to offer clientele a taste of each brands’ rich heritage, now with even more flexibility for the driver.

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