Russ Andrews Offers Essential Accessories For Vinyl Users
Russ Andrew turntable brush

Russ Andrews is expanding its range of accessories for vinyl with the launch of two new cleaning brushes designed to keep records and styli in top condition for the best possible performance – the perfect Christmas gift for vinyl enthusiasts.

The Groove Cleaner Brush features ultra-fine high-density bristles to get right into the grooves and remove the unwanted dust and hairs from a record. The 50-micron nylon bristles are thinner than a human hair and chemically inert, making them suitable for use with record cleaning fluids for even better results.

Russ Andrew turntable vinyl brush 2

The second new product is the Stylus Super Clean brush, which uses extremely densely packed bristles to offer gentle stylus cleaning without creating static that can attract more dust. The nylon brush can be used dry but is more effective when partnered with the Russ Andrews TipTonic stylus cleaning fluid.

TipTonic is a specially blended solution that is perfect for gently removing the hard, baked-on deposits that accumulate on the tip of the stylus. Used regularly it can help restore the sound and prolongs the life of both the stylus and records.

Russ Andrews, chairman of the company and a big user of vinyl, says ‘Keeping records and the stylus clean is one of the simplest and most effective ways of improving sound quality and musical enjoyment. I have used a huge variety of different brushes over the years, as we all have, and can say the results from the Groove Cleaner and Stylus Super Clean are by far the best I’ve seen at the price. I would thoroughly recommend these products to any fans of vinyl.’

As with most products from Russ Andrews, they are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied with the performance upgrade.

Russ Andrew turntable vinyl brush 3


The Groove Cleaner Brush £24.99

Stylus Super Clean Brush £19.99

Stylus Super Clean Brush + TipTonic £29.00