ROTEL Announces A12, CD14 AND RCD-1572 MKII models
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Rotel is introducing the A12MKII, CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII models, following the highly successful launch of the A14MKII, RA-1572MKII, RA-1592MKII, RC-1572MKII and RC-1590MKII models as the brand continues to launch upgraded models timed to its 60th anniversary.

The new models benefit from innovations and improvements to the circuit designs and enhancement to critical audio components, resulting in exceptional performance, improved accuracy, and greater acoustic detail. The soundstage of the new models delivers wider and more genuine presentation of the music with increased depth and natural expression. All models feature a new, premium, Texas Instruments 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, power supply refinements, precision acoustic coupling capacitors, and circuit board layout isolation techniques that lower the noise floor and reduce distortion.

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“Rotel’s engineers leveraged over 60 years of experience with the latest technologies and innovations to develop these exceptional MKII models,” said Daren Orth, Chief Technology Officer of Rotel. “We utilized Michi, Rotel and Tribute technologies, ensuring the new MKII models achieved the performance deserving of this iconic brand as we celebrate our anniversary.”

The A12MKII includes a new DAC, digital processor, and digital interface chipset with 12 complimentary changes to the power amplifier delivering on the continued promise of performance and value. Each MKII CD player received an upgraded CD drive mechanism, new CD controller chipset, DAC and tuned critical acoustic components. The CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII provide RCA outputs and a coaxial digital output, allowing the units to be utilized as a CD transport supporting off-board digital-to-analog processing. The RCD-1572MKII also includes a fully balanced, fully differential XLR output rejecting external noise and lowering RF interference.

The A12MKII, CD14MKII and RCD-1572MKII will be available in silver and black finishes through the Authorized Rotel and Sumiko dealers in the USA and also the rest of the world beginning in January 2022.

Suggested retail prices:
· A12MKII $1,099. £949. €1,099
· CD14MKII. $899. £649. €749
· RCD-1572MKII. $1,099. £995. €1,099