Origin Lives Ultra-High-End Renown Tonearm premieres at Munich 2024

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Origin Live will be demonstrating for the first time at the Munich High-End show 2024 where they are exhibiting with German Distributors High Fidelity Studio in rooms A 4.1, F126/F127.

The High Fidelity Studio system will include Origin Lives Conqueror tonearm mounted on the Sovereign-S turntable, with its ultra-low friction bearing (ask for a demo if you want to see a platter spinning for three minutes with no drive), its high-mass sandwich plinth, decoupled belt drive, and its multi-layer platter, this is a great representation of the company’s design ethos. The Sovereign-S and Conqueror will play alongside a static display of three other Origin Live decks.

Other debuts include the first sighting in Europe of the Renown, Origin Lives’ ultimate expression of the tonearm. The company has pushed its tonearm design philosophy to the extreme in the tonearm’s noticeably extended, hollowed yoke and bearing assembly, and in the material composition and coatings of the arm tube. Familiar elements are present, such as the dual pivot bearing, inner/outer pillar VTA flywheel, and falling weight side bias as well as a newer addition also available on the Agile Tonearm; the asymmetric Multi-Layer Counterweight.

Engaging with concepts used on their Turntables Multi-Layer Platters and the new Strata Multi-Layer Platter Mat the counterweight employs, you guessed it, multiple layers along its flat planes to reduce resonances through vibrational interference

Price and availability

The Ultra-high-end tonearm is available for £26,000 worldwide.