Origin Live Introduce Strata: a Multi-Layer Platter Mat

Origin live record mat strata

Origin Live announces the launch of its new Strata multi-layer platter mat, a universal upgrade for all turntables.

Origin Lives experience in platter technologies spans decades. Their new products is designed to make their latest multi-layer technology available for anyone wishing to improve the performance of their turntable.

The Strata is composed of three distinct materials joined together using a specialised flexible bonding technique. The multiple materials are used to dissipate vibration from across the spectrum of vibration, as Origin Live insist that single material solutions only operate within specific bands of vibration. The flexible bonding is also a design feature; by allowing a slight interaction between layers, vibrational interference occurs which dissipates resonances.

We are told that the Strata platter mat is trickle-down technology from the Multi-Layer Platter first developed for the company’s flagship Voyager turntable, and now available across their turntable range from the Swift upwards. Research and development led the Origin Live engineers through hundreds of different materials, thicknesses, profiles and their combinations, each carefully listened to in comparative listening tests.   Origin. Live believe that due to energy dissipation, the parts of a turntable closest to the cartridge have a far more significant influence on performance than items further away.  I visited Origin Live last year and made a video discussing this topic in detail – link here 

“Having listened to many different platter mats in R & D, we’ve found that the problem with most turntable mats is that they only work over a specific frequency range and do little to help absorb frequencies within other important ranges. It’s obvious that when you try different mat materials under your records, they contribute to the characteristics of the sound in very different ways.” says company founder Mark Baker.

“Some heighten detail at the expense of warmth and bass. Some produce a wonderfully impressive transparent sound but kick deep bass into the long grass. Others are the opposite, with great bass but a loss of clarity and a murky treble. The only way to solve this issue is to use multiple materials arranged such that they improve all aspects of sound quality such as detail retrieval, decay, mid-band transparency, clear separation in the soundstage and deep dynamic bass.”

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Price and availability

The Strata is black and will work on any turntable that can accept a 4.5mm thick mat.
It retails for £295 and no additional mat is needed on top.