New OMEX Isolation Symphony A and S HiFi isolation devices


A new range of isolation devices

The Symphony is a range of isolation devices from Factor One, comprising of two performance levels. Symphony A and Symphony S have been crafted as a clear upgrade to the existing supports on audio electronics and under floorstanding speakers or speaker stands. Each level has two tiers of performance – a 2 layer variant (a great space saving option) alongside its more advanced 3 layer counterpart.

Both Symphony A and Symphony S share the same design principals, yet their material selections are radically different and can be very clearly distinguished in terms of their colouring, weight and performance.

Micro Grooving

Each Symphony device begins with an outer micro-grooved upper and lower disc, whose job it is to grip the underside of electronics and the surface of a rack shelf more effectively than that of a smooth surface. This gripping effect has greater ability to contact and transfer resonances from the equipment and begin the process of eliminating them from the delicate circuitry in one direction and the equipment supports in the other, enhancing shelf to shelf isolation.

Tuning Fork

The centre piece of each upper disc is a carefully implemented tuning fork. This design encompasses a varying metallic density to the disc structure, in order to dampen and control the flow of resonances. Symphony A is machined from an Aluminium Polymer Compound (APC), which differs in density to that of its APC tuning fork. Symphony S’ tuning fork is machined from a high-grade brass, which is 24ct gold plated in order to give a softer barrier between that of the brass and its Stainless Steel disc – plus it looks nice too we think! When it comes to supporting electronics, the tuning forks are designed to never be in contact with the equipment directly, in order not to activate them with the first-hand generated resonances, leaving them to perform their role of damping the upper disc.

Each tuning fork sits within its own chamber, surrounded with a damping compound and runs down through each device with critical damping of the bottom disc at its end point.

In terms of speaker support, the tuning fork doubles up as the spike shoe. The design cleverly couples and decouples the speaker or stand from the floor and gives it a best of two worlds approach which can be incredibly effective. Extensive testing has resulted in a very effective platform for speakers, even those which can be a little fussy about how they interact with the listening room’s floor.

Ball Bearings

Residing between each disc of the Symphony layers are an arrangement of ball bearings. Symphony A uses a stainless steel option (which can be upgraded to ceramic) and Symphony S which utilises a fine ceramic option. Their positioning allows for resonances to be driven into their pathway, where they can convert and dissipate this energy as small amounts of heat. The bearings have CNC cups machined into each layer for them to comfortably sit within and remain unfixed for maximum effectiveness.

3 Layer – Additional Centre Disc

The 3 layer version within each of the Symphony ranges has further technical resonance control abilities. This additional centre disc can be referred to as the “scrub layer”. Its primary role is to remain completely decoupled from the top and bottom discs and can be concentrically swung laterally from the vertical arrangement, with its only points of contact being the bearings in between each layer, which are staggered in this 3 layer arrangement.

This implementation acts as a barrier between rack vibrations and electrical resonances, greatly enhancing the devices abilities and functionality.


Symphony A will accommodate a weight of 45kgs each and Symphony S 80kgs per device.

Neither require particular loading to work at their optimal performance.


2 disc – 20mm Tall x 40mm Diameter

3 disc – 30mm Tall x 40mm Diameter


Symphony 2A – 72g each – 546g set of 4 boxed

Symphony 3A – 105g each – 665g set of 4 boxed

Symphony 2S – 173g each – 962g set of 4 boxed

Symphony 3S – 258g each – 1298g set of 4 boxed

Price and availability

Symphony 2A – £300 set of 4

Symphony 3A – £400 set of 4

Symphony 2S – £600 set of 4

Symphony 3S – £900 set of 4