NEW Wharfedale SUPER Denton Speakers

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They had me at SUPER

Wharfedale Heritage Series speakers has made a big splash since its release and arguably its success was responsible for moving a big part of the industry in the retro route we have seen since.

Now with the new Super Denton speakers Wharfedale are taking inspiration from the Denton 3 speakers that were released in 1972 and they differed from. the original Denton in the fact they were a three way design. Measuring 360x246x275mm (HxWxD), the Super Denton’s size is similar to the Denton 3, making it one of the world’s smallest three-way hi-fi speakers – if not the smallest, like the Denton 3 was over 50 years ago.

The Details

The Super Denton benefits from the addition of domed midrange which is very cool I am sure you will agree. The 165mm bass driver is a familiar woven Kevlar design tuned with the cabinet and rear-firing reflex ports to deliver bass extension claimed down to 40Hz. This driver handles bass and lower-midrange frequencies.

Developed from the midrange driver in the EVO4 Series, the Super Denton’s 50mm fabric dome delivers upper-midrange and lower-treble frequencies with a wide dispersion.

There is new treble unit that inherits much of its design from the one used in the much more expensive Dovedale speakers, combining a ceramic magnet motor system with a 25mm fabric dome and a damped rear chamber to absorb the output from the back of the diaphragm. This reduces the resonant frequency of the treble
unit to well below the crossover region.

The crossover in the Super Denton includes the use of air-core inductor coils and high-specification polypropylene capacitors chosen for their revealing and transparent character.  The crossover slopes and the shape of the Super Denton’s power response have been refined by extensive listening tests with a wide variety of music.

The cabinet uses a combination of woods to scatter panel resonances rather than having a single, audibly obvious resonant frequency. An inner layer of high-density particle board is bonded to an outer layer of MDF by an inter-layer of special glue with resonance-damping properties.  This is improved further still with precise bracing and the use of a specially sourced damping material.

Owners can place the speakers with the treble units on the inside and midrange drivers on the outside, or vice versa, according to sonic preference in their room.

Peter Comeau, Wharfedale’s Director of Acoustic Design, said: “I’ve always had tremendous admiration for the original Denton – it’s one of the reasons I became a loudspeaker designer. The Denton 3 was a remarkable design in many ways, with a big sound that belied its compact dimensions; we wanted the Super Denton to pay homage to its innovation as a compact three-way speaker whilst elevating it in every way. The room-filling scale, energy and detail the Super Denton delivers are highly impressive for a speaker of its size.

“To achieve this, we’ve applied the latest materials, techniques and technologies to redesign every aspect of the speaker from the ground up. We’ve utilised advanced computer modelling and the latest lab technologies to design and assess every critical aspect; and yet, as ever, final tuning comes down to thousands of hours of listening tests. Just as Wharfedale’s founder, Gilbert Briggs, would emphasise: ‘Response curves alone can hide a multitude of sins’.”

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Price and availability

The Wharfedale Super Denton are available to buy in March in Walnut, Mahogany and Black wood veneer, priced at £999 (RRP)