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NEW MoFi SourcePoint 10 Speakers

The MoFi SourcePoint 10 speakers are the result of 18 months of research and development led by Chief Speaker Designer Andrew Jones. Designed as a cost-no-object two-way, SourcePoint 10 is conceived with the aim of breaking through a crowded speaker market with a unique model that stands out sonically and visually. The new model is custom tooled with proprietary technology to deliver the highest sound quality and value.

“Regardless of what an audio product costs, my passion is to deliver a level of sound quality and an experience that is far beyond the asking price,” says Jones.

Rather than build a traditional three-way implementation with smaller drivers, Jones and MoFi decided to develop a two-way speaker using an original 10-inch concentric driver, its diameter selected as the ideal size for minimising cone movement while producing deep bass. Having evaluated a variety of exotic materials, Jones opted for paper having the quintessential combination of properties for the size of the cone he needed. The team worked from a paper pulp mix and devised a cone shape that both optimises resonant behaviour and meets the requirements of the tweeter waveguide.

The tweeter is a 1.25-inch soft dome with a wide-roll surround and large-diameter voice coil, capable of working at the 1.6kHz crossover point.  The wide surround extends the low and high-frequency response of the tweeter, while the loading of the waveguide increases the low-end efficiency by a significant margin.

SourcePoint 10 is driven by a magnet system that MoFi calls ‘Twin-Drive’. After months of running magnetic field simulations, Jones selected high-flux neodymium magnets for the woofer and tweeter that are precisely coupled to create a compound effect: each aids the other in driving the flux across the woofer and tweeter gaps. The Twin-Drive magnet structure was also built to create a fully symmetrical magnetic field, which eliminates flux modulation for extremely low intermodulation distortion (IMD) and accurate reproduction. This important technical achievement helps the speaker deliver exceptional clarity.

“It is not enough to simply optimise the frequency response of the woofer and tweeter,” says Jones. “It is also critically important to minimise distortion in the motor structure of the drive unit. If the motor has distortion, it will generate new frequencies outside of the original signal. We have been very deliberate with the design of the motor to reduce these distortions.”

Considerable thought was also given to the cabinet and shape of the two-inch-thick front baffle. The sculpted, multi-faceted baffle stands in front of the mid-century-inspired cabinet frame to reduce diffraction. Made of one-inch-thick MDF panels for the sides, top, bottom, and back, the cabinet itself has an internal volume of 50 litres, or almost two cubic feet. This size offered MoFi the desired combination of bass extension and efficiency, with a sensitivity of 91dB, low-frequency point of 42Hz, and true eight-ohm impedance with a minimum of 6.4 ohms.

In sum, SourcePoint 10 is extremely easy to drive. Two additional braces further strengthen the interior while the exterior is wrapped in a real wood veneer of either satin walnut or black ash.

Typical retail price inc VAT (pair): £4,500.00
Dedicated stands inc VAT (pair): £550.00

Availability: January 2023

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