NEW mini Mission 750 Speakers


History lesson

Mission launched the 770 loudspeaker in 1978 and more compact 700 two years later and we have seen both renewed in the last few years.  I have reviewed both the Mission 770 and 700 and I enjoyed both of them very much with the 770’s taking residence in my reference review system since.

Its to be expected that there are more speakers to come from Mission given the companies long history and now we see the new much smaller 750 speakers in 2024. The new Mission 750 is a classic ‘bookshelf’ speaker with a compact form factor but still with the white baffles and distinctive logo I am very glad to see.

Familair driver array

A distinctive feature of the original Mission 750 is its inverted driver arrangement. This configuration, known as IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry), became a signature Mission feature and still is.  Mission say the IDG driver arrangement  aids ‘time alignment’ – by placing the mid/bass driver closer to ear level with the treble unit positioned beneath, the path lengths from the two drivers’ acoustic centres are equalised so that the sound waves coincide at the listener’s head height. This improves stereo imaging and contributes to the speakers’ seamlessly coherent and transparent sound.

The 750’s mid/bass cone is fashioned from polypropylene, the use of which in commercial loudspeakers was pioneered by Mission. However, this new 135mm cone is loaded with minerals to make it stiffer than regular polypropylene diaphragms for improved performance. The entire mid/bass driver is constructed to the same high-end standard as the larger units created for the re-engineered 770 and 700, incorporating a specially designed motor system and a rigid die-cast chassis which is great to see at the price. Great care has been taken to marry a low-density nitrile surround to the diaphragm, to match its impedance and reduce reflections from the cone edge.

The cabinet has rear-firing reflex port tuned to a very low frequency allowing bass to extends to below 42Hz in room, impressive for a speaker of this size.

Sweet high

The 750’s treble unit incorporates a lightweight, damped, 28mm microfibre dome with a damped rear chamber that pushes the fundamental resonance below the crossover region.  The 750’s high-frequency is said to be both a smooth and detailed seamless extension of the musical whole, which is exactly what we expect if the 700 and 770 are anything to go by.

The crossover  is using high-quality components such polypropylene capacitors and air core inductors.  The drivers and crossover are housed in a real-wood veneered cabinet, featuring a twin-wall sandwich of high-density MDF and particle board bonded by a layer of high-damping adhesive to reduce the cabinets resonance beloiw audibility.

Even though thwe 750 is categorised as a ‘Bookshelf’ speaker Mission advise positioning them on dedicated speaker stands for optimum performance. .

Price and Availability

The Mission 750 speakers are available from mid-April in a choice of walnut or black wood veneer, at an RRP of £899 per pair.