NEW Magico TITAN 15
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Magico LLC, the Leader in High-Performance Loudspeaker Design and Manufacture, is pleased to announce the TITAN 15: a new pinnacle of Magico engineering and design vision for the ultimate subwoofer.

Whether listening to the lowest pipe organ note at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City or the earth shaking steps of a dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park- the TITAN 15 is designed to reproduce low frequency sounds with realistic force and energy. Setting a new benchmark in powered subwoofer design, the TITAN 15 features a sophisticated control centre, dual opposed force cancelling driver arrangement with a massive, sealed aluminium enclosure. This superlative subwoofer design extends beyond the bandwidth of human hearing (>20Hz) into infrasonic levels and expands the dimensional sound field in any room space with unparalleled low bass performance.

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The enclosure design of the TITAN 15 follows the QSUB design platform and uses innovative internal bracing along with advanced damping materials. The thick aluminium sealed enclosure has been carefully designed and evaluated both in simulation and physical testing to meet the no-holds barred approach of Magico when it comes to enclosure rigidity, stability, and minimum acoustical contribution. A dual-opposed, force-cancelling design reduces the motive force inside the enclosure substantially. FEA software is used in the design process to optimize the structural elements and meet all acoustical standards defined by Magico engineering.

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QSUB15 driver (left) and the new TITAN 15 driver (right).

The newly developed 15-inch driver in the TITAN 15 is optimized to deliver maximum output levels (136 dB) while minimizing music related distortions at 20Hz (>1% THD). The mechanics, electromagnetic and thermal behaviour of the driver are optimized without compromise to ensure extremely high-level performance. The incredibly stiff aluminium cone is formed with an optimized stiffness to weight ratio and includes a 4-inch high-temperature voice coil attached to a custom tooled 10-inch dual progressive spider which facilitates 1.6-inches of linear travel in each direction. Each driver has a massive motor system which can handle 3200-watts of continuous power and features a super stabilized magnetic field with multiple aluminium shorting rings to stabilize inductance and minimize distortion.

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The TITAN 15 includes two powerful 3200-watt Class D amplifiers governed by a state-of-the-art electronic crossover and DSP control center designed by Magico that enables the user to precisely calibrate and match the TITAN 15 subwoofer to the main L/R loudspeakers and listening room. System integration and operation is enhanced with multiple inputs, 3-presets, auto signal detection, auto shutdown, clipping sensor and thermal protection

The TITAN 15 is designed to linearize the low bass output of the main L/R loudspeakers in a stereo or surround sound system. With proper room placement and calibration, the TITAN 15 will match the speed and integrity of the main loudspeakers and pressurize the listening room with sensational weight.

Price and Availability

Available Q1 2022 UK RRP: £37,998 inc VAT

Driver Complement: 2 x 15” TITAN Bass Drivers
Frequency Response: 10 Hz –150 Hz
Amplifier Power: 4,800W on 120v and 6,500W on 230v.
Input impedance: 45 K ohm
Dimensions: 22″ (65cm) H x 30″ (76cm) D x 22″ (65cm) W