New Hugo 2/2go premium leather cases offer stylish protection both at home and away
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High-quality premium leather protective cases add a touch of class to the award-winning Hugo 2 and 2go

Chord Electronics has launched two new high-quality premium leather protective cases for the multi-award-winning Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amplifier and 2go streamer/server combination. The new cases offer stylish protection from knocks and scratches whether at home or away, and come in two variants: the Hugo 2/2go case and the Hugo 2/2go carry case which adds a shoulder strap. The cases have been styled by Chord Electronics’ founder, owner and Chief Designer, John Franks.

Luxuriously finished, the premium leather cases offer a snug fit that perfectly cossets both the Hugo 2 and 2go’s machined-aluminium casework when the devices are connected. The clever design gives unrestricted access to Hugo 2’s connectivity suite of inputs and headphone outputs, iconic viewing porthole and volume control sphere, plus 2go’s charging Micro-USB port and 2x (1 TB-compatible) microSD card slots.

Featuring high-quality black-finished leather complemented by contrasting red stitching detail, the Hugo 2/2go premium leather cases are crafted to exceptionally high standards. The cases also offer protection for home users without hindering the remote control functionality introduced in the second-generation Hugo 2. The Hugo 2/2go carry case (£10 supplement) offers greater flexibility when using the devices outside.

CHORD electronics HUGO2 2GO LEATHER CASe website 2

The cases are supplied with new environmentally friendly packaging and include a leather 2go key fob, plus a plastic dust cover to protect 2go’s Ethernet port when not in use.

Price and availability

Both cases are available now: Hugo 2/2go case £99.95; Hugo 2/2go carry case £109.95.

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