NEW FiiO FT5 “affordable” planar magnetic headphones


FiiO has launched its first pair of over-ear open-back Planar Magnetic headphones, the FT5.

The FT5 build upon the FT3 Dynamic Driver headphones, and FiiO’s engineers have delivered a pair of outstanding headphones said to offer an incredibly musical sound with a dynamic, balanced soundstage.

FiiO’s engineering team have designed the FT5 with 20 N52 neodymium magnets per driver. 11 magnets are placed on the inside of the FT5’s planar magnetic driver and 9 magnets are placed on the outside – leading to 20 magnets per channel and 40 in total for the entire headphone. The balanced placement of magnets ensures the aluminum alloy coils are evenly distributed in the magnetic field, and it also allows the driver diaphragm to be balanced between the forces of the inner and outer magnets — guaranteeing consistent movement of the driver and reduced distortion, for a higher fidelity sound.

One of the things FiiO wanted to achieve with their first pair of Planar Magnetic headphones was high sensitivity, whilst ensuring they were easy to power. Traditionally, Planar Magnetic headphones have featured low-sensitivity, meaning often powerful desktop audio amplification is required to drive them to their full potential. ​

The FT5 is not like a traditional planar magnetic headphone. Thanks to 20 neodymium magnets with a high magnetic density of up to 1.5T, 6μm thin diaphragm, and nano-level aluminum alloy coating technology, the FT5’s driver is both light and strong, allowing for a high sensitivity of 110dB/1Vrms@1kHz i.e. 96dB/mW@1kHz. This means the FT5 can be easily driven — even by portable players — allowing them to be used in number of different scenario.

Large 90mm planar magnetic driver

The FiiO FT5 employs a large 90mm planar magnetic driver. Compared to a traditional dynamic driver, a planar magnetic driver converts sound energy to sound waves in a more balanced way, by vibrating in a much more even way. The vibrations are distributed across the entire driver diaphragm and there is little distortion caused by the rigidity of the diaphragm material.

Open-backed design

To achieve its great sound, the FT5 features a large 90mm planar magnetic driver with 20 magnets on a single side of each driver. To further reach its max potential, the FT5 also contains a specially-designed open-backed acoustic structure. The rear of the driver housing is carefully designed to act as a sound wave baffle to isolate the sound waves in the front and rear of the driver housing. The grille of the FT5 is scientifically designed to control and precisely accelerate the air flow when the driver is moving. This not only allows the FT5 to have treble resolution unmatched by dynamic driver headphones, but also allows it to have a wide and vast soundstage to better immerse you.

Price and availability

The FT5 comes with 3.5mm Singled-ended, 4.4mm & XLR Balanced Audio Plugs; Interchangeable Suede and Leather Earpads; and 392-wire Silver-plated Monocrystalline Copper Cable for £429/$499.