Network Acoustics Introduce the muon2 USB Cable

Network Acoustics believe that there’s always a way to improve the sound of music streaming. Their latest innovation is the muon2 USB Cable, the ultimate version of the award-winning muon digital interconnect.

Designed to better what many consider to be one of the best USB cables on the market, Network Acoustics have redefined the potential of this critical connection in streaming systems. By taking a ground-up approach and improving every element of the muon2 USB Cable, Network Acoustics have created a world beating digital cable.

Materials & Technologies

The new muon2 USB Cable builds on the qualities of muon with a range of new materials and technologies, including new conductors, high rejection RFI filtering, and dielectrics formulated specifically for each of the data, earth and 5V lines.

The conductors, produced to Network Acoustics specification, are polished solid core made with an alloy of silver and copper. Unlike the majority of cables, the conductors and dielectrics in each leg are optimised for their specific purpose. This is just one example of the lengths that Network Acoustics have gone to in the development of muon2 USB Cable.

The custom-made USB connectors on muon2 are built to Network Acoustics’s specification with an emphasis on ergonomics, but they are also designed to provide an uncompromised connection between streamers and DAC’s. The gold plating on the contact points is extra thick and the shell provides a final layer of shielding.

Every material and manufacturing process used in the final design has been repeatedly and meticulously auditioned and compared.

Enhancing Your Experience

Hand-built in the UK, muon2 USB Cable is designed to protect digital signals from the damaging effects of electrical noise in the form of RFI and EMI. These sources of interference prevent streaming systems from working to their full potential. With the muon2 USB Cable Network Acoustics have reduced the impact of this interference to the absolute minimum.

Network Acoustics’ Rob Osbourn comments:

“We hadn’t intended to replace our awarding winning muon USB cable so soon, but over the 2 years since its launch, we have made some big steps forward in our understanding of what is technically critical in order to transmit the cleanest possible signal from Streamer to DAC. We developed a string of new innovations to make a cable which is more than just an evolution, or a small step forward, but instead one that delivers the sort of leap normally expected from a DAC upgrade.”

While muon2 USB Cable represents a substantial upgrade over the original muon USB, Network Acoustics have pulled out all the stops in their commitment to offer exceptional performance with exceptional value by keeping the price the same as its predecessor. As with all Network Acoustics products the muon2 USB Cable is sold with free shipping and a 30 day no quibble money-back-guarantee.


£1395 (UK) / £1162 (rest-of-the-world) for their standard recommended length of 1.5m.

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