Musical Fidelity launch two classic BBC designs LS3/5A and LS5/9

Musical Fidelity launches the Musical Fidelity LS3/5A. The LS3/5A is a two-way standmount loudspeaker manufactured according to the BBC R&D design 1976/29. Originally specified for listening places where space was limited – like mobile control rooms for television.

The goal was a linear frequency response down to 100Hz with an excellent sound quality. Due to the closed type cabinet, the LS3/5A convinces with its clear and fast playback. As the speaker was designed to be used for studio applications, the midrange is extremely detailed and realistic.

The little speaker swiftly gained a vast (and ongoing) following in audiophile circles, and this latest version continues the story of one of the world’s most beloved closed-back boxes.

Price and availability

Summer 2023 £2,349.00 RRP (€2,499.00) per pair


The Musical Fidelity LS5/9 is a two-way bass reflex speaker which was designed to reproduce sound at high levels to fulfil the complete range of music genres from classical to pop.  As the speaker was originally designed for recording studio applications, a low level of coloration was the goal to keep the music itself untouched. The bass reflex principle allows the speaker to reach a higher sound pressure. The LS5/9 is truly honest and brings the music to you exactly like the mixing engineer wanted it to sound.

The speaker also gives you the possibility to adjust the high-frequency level by resistor jumps to fit your listening preferences.

The LS5/9 became an industry standard for music studios, because it was the go-to solution for every genre. That is also the reason it gained more and more popularity also in living rooms. It is able to deliver high sound pressure levels with low colouration and powerful bass. The music stays controlled all the time and the LS5/9 never seems to be over strained. Especially, the stereo center is well-defined and vocals stay natural. Also, the stereo information of instruments is clear, and the sound stage does not feel synthetic at any time.

The LS5/9 was produced by several speaker manufacturers over many decades already, and we are happy to include this special speaker in our Musical Fidelity range. The Musical Fidelity LS5/9 was manufactured according to the BBC R&D design 1983/10.

Price and availability
Summer 2023 £4,099.00 RRP (€4,500.00) per pair