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Moonriver Audio launch NEW 505 Hybrid Phono Stage

Moonriver Audio have announced a new model, the 505 hybrid phono stage.

The Moonriver Audio 505 phono stage should meet all the needs of any demanding audiophile who loves vinyl records and high performance sound.

They spent more than 2 years in research and development to achieve the performance they were looking for. The result is what Moonriver claim is a world class phono stage. It features 4 inputs for all your turntables, tonearms and cartridges. It includes every possible adjustment on the fly, with dedicated knobs & switches to perfectly match your precious MC or MM cartridges and an EQ curve for 78 rpm records. It also saves your settings automatically for each individual input.

Ultra low noise, solid state, hybrid circuitry delivers incredible performance with open, transparent, musical and dynamic sound with the well known award-winning formula of Moonriver Audio products. The 505 phono stage is intended to lift-up the performance of your analogue system to an incredible level, no matter if it is an affordable entry-level turntable with a decent moving magnet cartridge or an ultra hi-end system with a precious, very low output moving coil cartridge.

As for the sonic signature Moonriver Audio products, strive to balance the fine line between musicality & resolution. The soul of the music is in the midrange, this is where most of the emotion, the passion, the joie de vivre is contained.

Price and Availability

The Moonriver 505 phono stage retail price is €4990 and it is immediately available for shipping.

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