KORE New flagship Loudspeaker from DALI
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DALI, a world-leading manufacturer of premium Hi-Fi audio products, is returning to the ultra-high-end loudspeaker segment with its new flagship floorstanding model, the DALI KORE. Drawing on a rich bloodline of high-end loudspeakers, the DALI KORE is a masterpiece of stunning visual design and ground-breaking technology. Launching at High End in Munich, Germany on 19th May 2022, the DALI KORE represents the pinnacle of DALI loudspeaker tradition and decades of research – because only music matters.

“The DALI KORE represents for DALI a design, electroacoustic, engineering, manufacturing and musical rebirth.” said Lars Worre, DALI’s Chief Executive Officer. As Kim Kristiansen, DALI’s Chief Technology Officer, added, “Each DALI KORE driver was developed from the ground up and incorporates significant innovations that are not only new to DALI, but are found only rarely throughout the world of electroacoustic design.” For Mads Ullits, DALI’s Design Manager, “As well as focusing on the design and technology, we also selected manufacturing processes that would fit with our strategy of having more components made locally in Denmark.” Summing up, Lars Worre concluded “We made the DALI KORE because we wanted to show what DALI can do, and because for so many years we have been encouraged to do it by our music-loving customers.”

Balanced Drive SMC technology
Combining SMC Gen-2 – an updated version of DALI’s signature Soft Magnetic Compound – with the concept of balanced drive, DALI’s patented Balanced Drive SMC uses two voice-coils to reduce motor system nonlinearity and signal loss. The result is drastically lowered harmonic distortion and compression, especially in the fatiguing and unmusical odd-order harmonics.

EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter
An evolution of the Hybrid Tweeter module from the DALI EPICON series, the new high sensitivity EVO-K Hybrid Tweeter features a new in-house manufactured 35 mm dome tweeter and redesigned ribbon tweeter element. Improvements include enhanced performance in the lower frequency band, more seamless integration at crossover frequencies, lower distortion and reduced power compression.

Dedicated Midrange Driver
The DALI KORE midrange driver is DALI’s first dedicated midrange built from the ground up. Bringing exceptionally natural warmth and musical coherence to the all-important midrange frequencies, this 7-inch driver features a range of technological innovations, including a redesigned version of DALI’s signature wood fibre cone, Balanced Drive SMC, a powerful and compact neodymium magnet, shorter voice-coils and a narrow, low-mass surround.

Crossover innovation
For the DALI KORE, air-core inductors are used in combination with newly developed SMC-KORE inductors built on SMC Gen-2 cores. Compared to standard air-core inductors (especially at high inductances), this technology allows lower DC resistance, shorter signal path and less vulnerability to crosstalk between inductors, while the properties of SMC Gen-2 offer excellent, ultra-low-loss filter components.

Premium Quality Enclosure
Each material used for the DALI KORE enclosure has been chosen with form and function in mind. The curved wood laminate with gloss-lacquer Ammara Ebony veneer and contrasting textured finish is taken directly from the world of luxury furniture design, while the die-cast aluminium and structural composite materials offer more design freedom and a highly rigid platform for the drivers. The 34 kg cement-based resin composite plinth also provides a solid foundation for the speaker’s substantial 150+ kg overall weight.

Reproducing effortless, authentic sound
Unlike many high-end statement loudspeakers, the DALI KORE reproduces music that’s as close to the original recording as possible. With virtually no distortion or colouration, nothing is added, nothing is taken away. It’s also the ultimate expression of DALI’s low loss sound principle. From the quietest breath to the largest orchestral climax, the DALI KORE recreates every musical nuance with true fidelity and seemingly endless dynamic response… at any volume.

Made in Denmark
The DALI KORE is a true ‘made in Denmark’ product. From the assembly of the drivers, tweeters and crossovers to the cabinet construction and lacquering, the DALI KORE is manufactured exclusively at DALI’s production facilities or by local specialist manufacturers located in central Denmark.

A rich heritage
Although the DALI KORE is a ‘clean slate’ design, it draws on a rich bloodline of high-end loudspeakers that have been pushing the boundaries of loudspeaker design and technology since 1983, including the DALI MegaLine, DaCapo, SKYLINE, DALI 40 SE and EUPHONIA.

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