JCAT Unveils the next step in Music Server USB output, the new XE EVO Card


JCAT, a leader in high-performance streaming-specific products, has announced their latest development in music server USB output technology the USB Card XE EVO, an enhanced version of USB Card XE that I used in my custom built music server for years.

The USB Card XE EVO is designed for audiophiles and professionals who have built their own custom computers as music servers and the USB card replaced the motherboard USB output for a much cleaner lower noise solution.  JCAT were the first manufacturer to offer a custom built product like this so its no surprise really to see them take this concept even further. Its days like today that make me miss my custom audio pc as I loved the incremental upgrade path products like this is said to offer.

Key Improvements:
1. SMA Connector for Master OCXO Clock: The addition of an SMA connector allows for seamless integration with JCAT’s Master OCXO Clock. A switch enables users to toggle between the built-in OCXO and an external clock source, providing greater flexibility and precision.

2. State-of-the-Art Linear Voltage Regulators: The XE EVO features new linear voltage regulators that deliver an ultra-low noise level of 0.46 µV RMS, nearly half the noise level of the LT3045 regulators used in the USB Card XE. This ensures an exceptionally clean power supply for connected USB devices.

3. Built-In EMI Noise Reduction Filter: An advanced EMI noise reduction filter is integrated into the USB port, significantly reducing electromagnetic interference. This results in clearer, more accurate audio signals and an overall improved listening experience.

4. Optimized Firmware for Superior Sound Quality: The latest firmware is optimized specifically for superior sound quality, with power management features switched off to maximize audio performance.


Price and availability

The USB Card XE EVO is now with free shipping. The retail price is 1200 EUR.