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JCAT Introduces the ONLY 100% LINEAR Computer Power Supply on the market: OPTIMO S ATX
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The computer-focused audiophile market lacked audiophile-grade PSUs for computer-based transports. Optimo S ATX promises a small revolution by introducing the first-ever audiophile power source unit dedicated strictly to extreme quality audio playback from PC-based transports.

The market lacked a genuine audiophile-grade power supply capable of driving high-performance computer-based audio transports. Most of the available solutions were designed with general-purpose usages in mind, such as office work and gaming.

Until now, PC-audio enthusiasts were forced to use sub-par, non-audiophile power source units for their Hi-Fi computer audio transports.

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With the introduction of Optimo S ATX, true Hi-Fi enthusiasts can finally remove the last weak link from their setups – switching or partially linear power source units.

At last, the most demanding listeners can benefit from the world’s 1st no-compromise, truly 100% linear, audiophile-dedicated power source in their computer-based audio systems.

jcat optimo atx fully linear atx power supply

No more settling for switching or “linear” PSUs made for general purpose. No more settling for questionable non-audio producers or DYI solutions without safety certifications. Just perfect, truly linear, sonically-tuned power for your computer-based audio transport delivered by the perfect design, top-quality components, and careful fine-tuning.

After changing the computer audio game with the introduction of our Net Card FEMTO, once again, JCAT is pushing the limits of what’s possible to achieve with computer-based audio playback. We are incredibly proud to present the only 100% linear computer-audio dedicated power supply on the market. Thanks to the true linear design, the highest-grade components, and extensive sonic fine-tuning by ear, Optimo S ATX provides an unmatched performance to satisfy the most demanding H-Fi enthusiasts. – says Marcin Ostapowicz, owner of JCAT.

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Availability and Price

The JCAT OPTIMO S ATX is available now 4500