JCAT introduces the Master OCXO Clock Upgrade
Jcat master oxco 2

JCAT, the manufacturer of innovative, no-compromise streaming-specific products for high-end audio playbacks has announce its latest creation: the Master OCXO Clock module.  This is the type of news that as a computer audio enthusiast gets me very excited.

Designed to redefine audio experiences, this upgrade promises enhanced clarity, depth, and precision. By collaborating with specialists in radiophysics, JCAT ensures that every Master OCXO Clock Upgrade aligns with the brand’s ethos of top-tier audio excellence.

While specifically tailored for JCAT USB Card XE users, the company emphasizes its broad adaptability. DAC, switch, and other digital audio equipment owners can
benefit greatly from this upgrade, with customized frequency options available upon request.

Whether you’re a USB Card XE enthusiast or seeking to optimize your DACs, switches, or other gear, JCAT’s Master OCXO Clock Upgrade is your key to unlocking
unparalleled sound quality.

The Master OCXO Clock can be purchased directly from JCAT for 1200EUR. The price includes free worldwide shipping and for USB XE owners – free door-to-door upgrade service.