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IsoTek introduce the cost-effective V5 Elektra

The V5 Elektra represents IsoTek’s new entry-level power cleaning system

Featuring six independent outlets with six individual power cleaning networks, the Elektra measures 450mm x 350mm x 106mm (W x D x H). It features two high current outlets (for amplifiers) driven by a two-stage high-current power cleaning network consisting of choke and double Pi filter designs. There are four medium-current outlets for source components, with each outlet using four independent, six-stage ‘delta filter’ power cleaning networks.

These give almost 20 dB of power cleaning at 1kHz (reference 600 Ohms), which improves to nearly 40 dB at 10 kHz, ten times greater than the recommended standard. A further five independent filter stages are placed between each output combined with IsoTek’s Adaptive Gating system, which is double that of the EVO3 Aquarius and is designed to eliminate Differential Mode cross contamination between each power outlet.

Elektra is six power cleaning systems in one box
Most power filters of this style join output sockets together, running each in series connection. IsoTek feels this is an error of judgment as Differential Mode Noise, created by the connected load (your audio components), will cross-contaminate between the output sockets. The electrical architecture and multiple power cleaning networks, one for each output socket of the V5 Elektra, dramatically reduce both Differential Mode and Common Mode noise.

New Electrical Architecture and Circuit

The electrical architecture and design of the V5 Elektra are in keeping with IsoTek’s high standard of purposeful design. The printed circuit board (PCB) design and topology have twice the industry standard copper loading and are silver plated to improve amperage and decrease resistance. Unique critical (bespoke) components have better overall tolerances with improved inductance and current handling in comparison to IsoTek’s EVO3 range.

This new circuit offers twice the inductance and 40% more current when compared to the EVO3 Aquarius, contributing to a more open and spacious sound stage, micro dynamics and greater detail with more immediate timing. Dramatically improved Direct Current Resistance (DCR) has been applied throughout this new design. Part of the IsoTek goal is to reduce DCR, bringing performance closer to the zero Ohms ideal.


Absolute Power

With so many improvements, the V5 Elektra delivers 10A of absolute power and unrestricted current delivery (close to 16A transient). IsoTek products are always in keeping within the power company standard and what regulations allow for a 10A designed product.

KERP© (Kirchhoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery to all outlets. The internal wiring is of the highest standard, a unique 2sqmm design featuring pure 6n oxygen-free copper conductor strands, each silver-plated. These offer low resistance and high amperage. An aerospace-grade Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) dielectric with very low dielectric resistance protects the conductors and gives an ideal conductor contact dielectric for the internal power delivery system.

It is also important to note that the internal wiring of IsoTek products synergises with the range of IsoTek power cables. One critical but overlooked area within audio is maintaining the commonality of design and material properties through an audio wiring loom, a signal-carrying cable or a power cable network.

IsoTel V5 Elektra hifi mains power conditioner

Protection System
The V5 Elektra delivers increased instantaneous protection up to 67,500A. It protects the circuit and safeguards your valuable connected equipment via IsoTek’s unique sequential and repeatable protection system.

System Link
The V5 Elektra also contains a System Link outlet, allowing the connection of multiple units together whilst maintaining a star earth reference and preserving the need for multiple wall outlet sockets.

Power Cable
Included with the V5 Elektra is IsoTek’s award-winning Initium power cable.

Feature Summary
• Suitable for all Audio and AV systems
• RFI reduction 55dB
• 6 x optimised power cleaning circuits to remove Common and Differential Mode mains noise effectively
• 4 x independent outlets for source components (5A)
• 2 x independent high current outlets for power amps, active subwoofers, active speakers etc (10A)
• Easy replacement fusing system
• 67,500A instantaneous protection, 32,500A continuous
• Fully star-earthed network
• 6n oxygen free copper silver-plated internal wiring with FEP dielectric
• SYSTEM LINK outlet for extending the outlets and maintaining a starred earth reference
• Supplied with IsoTek EVO3 INITIUM POWER CABLE
• UK, EU, US, AU & CH outlets available

MRP UK: £1,595.00