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HiFi Rose RS250 Network Music Streamer Available Now
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Henley Audio are thrilled to announce the immediate UK availability of the HiFi Rose RS250 network streamer, the latest addition to the Korean digital audio specialist’s range of premium hi-fi sources. The RS250 boasts a high-performance DAC and linear power supply, perfect for audiophiles. With the wide LCD multi-touch screen, it also provides users with a new experience and no compromise simplicity in operation. The harmonious design of the high-quality aluminium body and wide viewing angle will ensure a perfect fit in any home audio space.

The RS250 is designed to bring together a whole world of digital audio and present it intuitively and
enjoyably for auditory and visual pleasure. This reference-grade network streamer, DAC and pre-amplifier may be one of the most innovative hi-fi products on the market today.

Key features include:
✓ 8.8” wide multi-touch touchscreen
✓ Support for digital audio playback up-to 32-bit / 768KHz (PCM) and DSD512 (Native DSD)
✓ Stream music from your network or attached devices through the built-in Rose OS MUSIC app
✓ Airplay, Roon Ready and Spotify Connect streaming included
✓ Integrated apps for Qobuz and Tidal services
✓ MQA certified device (full decoding)
✓ Bespoke Rose OS apps give access to video services, podcasts, and radio playback
✓ Playback or rip CDs from external optical drives, connected by USB (drive not included)
✓ Manually adjust output settings to suit the RS250 to your needs
✓ Special linear power supply configuration minimises electrical noise
✓ Additional inputs for Line or Digital devices
✓ HDMI output for 4K video output to a connected TV (via Tidal, Rose Tube or Video apps)
✓ Wi-Fi, ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0 (AD2DP SINK, AVRCP v1.3) connectivity
✓ Space for built-in (SATA), Micro SD or USB storage devices
✓ Full-feature app available for iOS and Android devices (desktop app coming soon)
✓ Bluetooth remote control included

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HiFi Rose RS250 in detail

The RS250 is a high-performance network streamer, DAC, and pre-amplifier with a purpose-designed linear power supply for true audiophile performance. The coveted Rose OS and touch-screen control system makes the RS250 a joy to use, giving you instant, intuitive access to the wide world of highquality digital music.
Sound Credentials

The RS250 includes a full linear power circuit, which provides a clean and reliable power supply to the CPU and audio output circuits. The use of full linear power results in the minimisation of noise inflow significantly, and the ideal circuit layout employed eliminates electrical noise, and creates dramatically improved sound quality without distortion.

Similarly, the highly precise femto clock helps the RS250 deliver superb stereoscopic, and distortion free sound with quiet and clear background imaging. Combined with the built-in ESS9038 flagship DAC, the RS250 delivers a low-noise, low-distortion, and ultra-high-resolution sound, with rich analogue density that supports PCM 32 bit / 768kHz and Native DSD512 (22.5792MHz

Hifi rose RS250 hifi music streamer website 2

Rose OS
ROSE OS was created from scratch by HiFi Rose using the Android platform to deliver a first-class user experience. Whether accessed via the iOS or Android app, or through the built-in 8.8″ touchscreen, it gives clear, intuitive access to all aspects of the RS250 design.

ROSE HIFI, the dedicated remote-control app, allows users to access all of the RS250’s features without having to touch the device. It’s available for iOS and Android devices, while a new desktop version is also due for public release during 2021.

Rose OS allows users to play music and video files from a local storage device (USB, MicroSD or SATA), or access files elsewhere on your home network with a DLNA connection to any NAS drives or other storage devices. The MUSIC app gives a clean presentation of all your connected music sources and is easy to navigate and use. The RS250 also features built-in apps for TIDAL and QOBUZ – giving complete access to their extensive high-performance streaming libraries. The Tidal app even gives access to the service’s music video streaming content for playback on the RS250 screen or via the HDMI output. The RS250 is also an MQA decoder, for full playback of Tidal Masters tracks. The CD and CD RIPPING apps allow you to attach any standard external CD-ROM drive for convenient
CD playback, or to rip CDs in highest-quality to any local storage device in a quick and intuitive way, all through the touch-screen interface.

The RADIO and PODCAST apps give you access to extensive live radio and podcast databases, while ROSE TUBE gives you access to YouTube for high-quality music and video playback. ROSE OS also offers support for Roon Ready, Spotify Connect and AirPlay, effectively bringing your entire digital audio experience into one elegant product.

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Take Control
The RS250 functions as a complete digital hub and pre-amplifier, for a fully customised system setup. With an extensive array of hardware inputs and outputs, most of which can be customised or adjusted to suit the user’s exact requirements, you can achieve greater control over your whole system than ever before.

There is also the option to connect to the network by ethernet (preferred) or by Wi-Fi. The supplied Bluetooth remote gives extensive control over most of the Rose OS system.

Quality Throughout
The RS250 design, in combination with Rose OS, gives you complete control of your listening experience, optimising it for the very best performance. The compact design and high-quality 8.8″ IPS multitouch screen with its wide viewing angle provide an intuitive and convenient interface where your music library shines like never before.

There is also the opportunity to watch the RS250 video output on a TV via the 4K compatible HDMI connection. As well as watching content from the VIDEO, ROSE TUBE and TIDAL apps, the HDMI output also provides playback information and album artwork when listening to songs in the MUSIC app. Housed within a premium aluminium enclosure and boasting a truly enviable feature set and control mechanism, the RS250 really is a complete hi-fi network streamer, and is a must-consider option for anyone who wants the latest technology presented in an intuitive way.