Falcon Acoustics launch NEW ‘M’ Speaker range

Renowned for its faithful recreations of the iconic LS3/5a, Falcon Acoustics will be unveiling its new ‘M’ range of loudspeakers at the UK Audio Show this weekend. Introduced at the show, the M10 2-way stand mount speaker and the top-of-the-range M50 3-way floor stander are he first of five new ‘M’ range models scheduled for launch within the next six months.

The 2-way vented M10 model features a 5” Falcon B110 bass unit – which exclusively replicates the original KEF B110 used by the classic LS3/5a monitor – and a 25mm ‘M’ range custom soft dome tweeter made to Falcon specification by SEAS. Available in natural Walnut veneer (with Rosewood as a special option), the compact M10 will supply the signature sound of a classic British 2-way speaker to hi-fi enthusiasts seeking to upgrade their systems or build a second system.

The 3-way vented M50 design features the proprietary Falcon B139 bass unit, twin Falcon B110 midrange units and the 25mm ‘M’ range custom soft dome tweeter. The M50, which is also available in natural Walnut veneer (Rosewood as a special option), will deliver articulate full-range fidelity imbued with glorious midrange detail to enthusiasts with larger rooms and systems.

According to tradition, Falcon’s ‘M’ range cabinets are of exceptional quality being hand-made in Italy at the same factory that produces the acclaimed Falcon Gold Badge LS3/5a.

Commenting on the launch, Falcon Acoustics’ MD Jerry Bloomfield said: “the ‘M’ range is designed with one objective in mind: to present a range of speakers appealing to those who desire the qualities of a traditionally voiced British speaker, which draw the musicians into the room and allow the listener to engage with music again.”

Typical retail prices pair (inc VAT):
M10 Walnut: £2,395.00
M50 Walnut: £12,795.00
Availability: M10 from November 2022; M50 from December 2022

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