Exposure kicks off a brand new series of electronics with the 3510 integrated amplifier
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Over the past few years, Exposure has concentrated its attentions on the multi award-winning XM series of components – compact in size and price yet big on features, flexibility and performance. Now, the British brand is turning its focus back to its upper end series, starting with the just-launched 3510 integrated amplifier.

The new 3510 series is packed with trickle-down technology from Exposure’s top-of-range 5010 series. First in the series is the 3510 integrated amplifier which replaces and improves upon the award-winning 3010S2D of the outgoing 3010 series.

It delivers 110W RMS per channel into 8 Ohms and features six line inputs, with the option to fit an MC or MM phono module, or a plug-in DAC.

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Outputs include bi-wiring compatible speaker outputs, a separate preamplifier output for bi-amping or for use with a separate power amplifier, and a headphone output.

On the AV input there is a choice of fixed or variable gain, allowing configuration as a either regular stereo input or a fixed gain home cinema input.

The 3510’s newly redesigned power amplification section draws on Exposure’s flagship 5010 monoblocks to deliver enhanced linearity and lower distortion at high power output, and with extra smoothing added to the power supply.

The preamp section, meanwhile, features all discrete transistors in the gain stage with a hybrid power supply circuit designed to ensure very low noise on the supply rails to the gain stage. Input switching and volume tracking of the PCB have been further optimised for less crosstalk

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Other features include:

· High quality capacitors used in the signal path
· Uniquely tuned short signal and power supply path PCB
· Cascode circuitry for improved power supply immunity
· Fast bipolar transistor output stage for dynamic and vivid performance
· All aluminium casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electromagnetic fields
· Newly-designed remote control
· Three year guarantee
· Available in black or titanium

Pricing & availability

The Exposure 3510 integrated amplifier is available now, priced at £2,250 (incl. VAT):

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