EPOS announce their latest flagship speakers the ES-28N


EPOS latest flagship speakers

EPOS have announced the third new speaker model from the English/German brand and its being classed as a classic 3-way floorstanding speaker. The ES-28N is being called a purebred 3-way speaker with crossover frequencies of just under 300Hz and 2,800Hz.

Not a huge amount of detail

The basic construction of the drivers was contributed by the previous two EPOS speakers. The bass drivers share the basket and magnet system with the ES14N, but the membrane and surround were optimised for their 3-way duties.

The 130mm midrange driver was contributed by the ES-7N with only minor changes necessary to deliver the midrange optimally.  The midrange driver operates in its own enclosure, and even the crossover has a separate area of the cabinet so that high sound pressures cannot induce vibrations in the components.

The tweeter is identical to that of the smaller models.

Like all models in the EPOS series, the cabinet consists of double MDF panels plus a damping layer, with the front panel contributing 50mm in thickness for further stabilisation.

Price and availability

The new flagship model of the EPOS series is on display at HIGHEND  HiFi show in Munich May2024 as a preview.

Delivery is planned for the 4th quarter of 2024. Expected MSRP €8,000.00.