Crystal Cable Becomes CrystalConnect

Renowned high-end audio brand Crystal Cable is changing its brand name, with the full transition planned for 1st of December 2020.​

The new CrystalConnect name reflects the continuous expansion of our product portfolio (cables, electronics, and speakers), which not just connects the elements in your system but establishes that all-important link between you and the music. The brand has evolved and builds further on the qualities and performance achieved by Crystal Cable.

At a time when high-end audio cables were getting bigger, heavier and stiffer, Crystal Cable created elegant, flexible, low-loss designs. We combined musical sensibilities with advanced technology, engineering, and innovative design to deliver unparalleled musical reproduction. Those first products grew into a comprehensive, multi-award-winning family of products, with musical and technical capabilities that first challenged and then set the benchmark for musical performance.

By renaming the CrystalConnect brand, we are highlighting precisely what our products do: Connect you to music. Our new logo features both a tuning fork and a tulip. The tuning fork represents the purity of tone and musicality of our products, and the tulip is a symbol of aesthetic beauty and our Dutch heritage.

Robert Winterhoff, CrystalConnect CEO: “The new brand name and the renewed identity reflects our strategic direction more clearly. While the name and logo have changed, rest assured that our core values and family business culture remain the same. We will continue to push the boundaries of science and technology to create innovative audio products that combine astonishing musical precision with aesthetic design to match.”

Product portfolio Many of our existing award-winning products – such as the successful Diamond Series, iconic Arabesque speakers, and the renowned CCI amplifier – will continue under the CrystalConnect brand. As we move to CrystalConnect, it will also be the start of exciting new product launches.

Crystal Cable Portable continues to serve head-fi fans around the world with its existing Duet headphone cable series through existing and new sales channels. Its repositioning as a separate brand reflects our success in this growing market.