Clearaudio Professional Power 24V Transformer-based DC power supply
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The new Clearaudio Professional Power 24V is a standalone DC power supply that is designed to elevate the performance of turntables from the brand’s leading Innovation Series. In addition, it also supports the award-winning Clearaudio Ovation turntable.

A key element in realising the full sonic potential of any turntable is the quality of the power supply. With that in mind, Clearaudio is offering existing owners and new buyers of the Ovation and Innovation Series turntables a third choice in the form of the Professional Power 24V. This sits in the range between the standard SMPS unit with which all these models were initially launched, and the premium battery-powered Smart Power 24V (£2,630).

The Professional Power 24V is a high-quality linear PSU, based around a toroidal transformer, large electrolytic capacitors and all-discrete MOSFET voltage stabilisation to provide the essential steady 24 volt DC supply.

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The unit’s construction features professional-grade electronic components and a carefully mounted transformer within the compact cylindrical case, compliantly suspended to reduce mechanical noise output and inward microphonic effects.

Thanks to a carefully optimised circuit layout, including final passive filtering arranged after the physically oversized protection fuse, the dynamic output impedance of the unit is kept very low, for the best possible coupling to the turntable’s DC motor. The result is a much cleaner power supply that unleashes a subjectively more dynamic sound with further enhanced resolution.

The attractively simple design and improved listening experience will ensure that the Professional Power 24V is a welcome addition for every new Ovation or Innovation Series turntable. It can also be easily fitted to any existing deck from these ranges as a simple drop-in upgrade.

Technical specifications

Power supply 110 V AC, 60 Hz, max. 1.4 A 240 V AC, 50 Hz, max. 1.4 A
Output 24V, max. 1.4 A; fused (time delay fuse)
Power consumption in operation 33.3rpm > 3.0 watts
45rpm > 3.1 watts
78rpm > 3.3 watts
Power consumption in off mode 0.0 watts
Weight Approx. 1.1 kg
Dimensions 92 (w) × 145 (d) × 94 (h) mm
3.62 (w) × 5.71 (d) × 3.7 (h) inches

Pricing & availability
The Clearaudio Professional Power 24V is available now, in black or silver, priced at £740 (including VAT).