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B-Ready for the NEW Alpha One Streaming Amplifier with DSP

The Alpha One is the result of the experience they gained during the development of their Reference line and represents a synthesis of’s technological know-how. The goal was both simple and demanding: combine a cutting-edge DAC together with a high-end passively cooled dual-mono amplifier in a single enclosure. The EX networking module is also included, offering acoustic correction and advanced streaming capabilities.

Digital playback

The Alpha One benefits from’s patented SJR « Source Jitter Removal » technology. By completely eliminating the jitter from any digital source, it allows the conversion circuits to work optimally, ensuring unprecedented digital-to-analog conversion quality, regardless of the digital input format. The result is a realistic, rich and lively sound. Combined with the embedded EX network module, this is the key to an unparalleled streaming music experience.


The preamp stage of the Alpha One relies on a fully symmetrical construction, featuring a relay driven resistor network volume control for a perfect balance between the left and right channels. No coupling capacitor is mounted in the Alpha One. Operating outside the signal path, multi-pole servo circuits are used to provide a constant continuous reference to the active elements of the circuit. The integrity of the audio signal is thus fully preserved, ensuring a high level of transparency together with an extreme bandwidth extension, refined highs and extremely deep bass.

Dual-mono amplifier

The amplifier stage of the Alpha One is directly derived from our reference power amplifiers. Its in-house refined topology was designed to drastically reduce dynamic distortion. Optimizing the use of local feedback at the most critical stages, it benefits from the advantages of a class AB output stage while maintaining a perfect linearity of operation. Its dual mono design features comfortable power ratings together with a high current reserve, allowing it to drive the most demanding loudspeakers with powerful bass handling.

Price and availability
The Alpha One is available now at 15,990€ inc VAT, with a 450€ supplement for the black finish