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Ausounds launches its first over-ear, wireless noise-cancelling headphone to UK, the AU-XT ANC
Au Sounds AU-XT ANC noise cancelling headphones website 3

LA-based Ausounds has launched its first over-ear headphone model to the UK, the AU-XT ANC. Building on the audio quality and bespoke Active Noise Cancelling technology found in Ausounds’ in-ear models, the AU-XT ANC adds premium sound thanks to its 40mm Graphene drivers and tuned ear cup enclosure. The ear cup pads are manufactured with the softest quality synthetic protein leather and, combined with perfect headband pressure, offer all-day comfort for long listening sessions.

The AU-XT ANC offers aptX HD Bluetooth for the highest wireless sound quality, onboard music controls, an incredible 30 hours battery life and fast charging via USB-C. Ausounds’ unique ANC system ensures the AU-XT ANC’s frequency response is unaffected by the ANC system, ensuring perfect audio in a super-quiet environment and exceptional dynamic range. Supplied with a travel case, cables and an aircraft adapter, the AU-XT ANC is an ideal high-performance headphone for home or travel.

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40mm Graphene drivers

To achieve the highest driver performance for the AU-XT ANC, Ausounds’ engineers looked to cutting edge material technology and developed a graphene-based driver diaphragm. This 40mm membrane leverages the inherent strength-to-weight ratio of graphene’s honeycomb lattice carbon structure, creating an incredibly light but very stiff driver structure. The result is a driver with improved transient response, lower distortion and lower power required for higher volumes output than traditional polymer headphone drivers: experience deep and fast bass with crystal clear vocals and lifelike soundstage with the Ausounds AU-XT.

Ausounds Active Noise Cancelling

With a noise reduction of -25dB, the AU-XT ANC allows the user to isolate from external noises without compromising music playback sound quality. This custom feed-forward noise cancellation technology was designed for artists to travel, listen and create new music wherever they are, free from distracting background noise. Ausounds’ ANC is one of the few ANC systems on the market that have little or no effect on the frequency response of the drivers, keeping them true to the sound the original recording artist intended.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity with Qualcomm aptX HD

The AU-XT ANC uses ultra-fast Bluetooth 5.0 technology with four times the range and twice the data speed of previous Bluetooth generations; now offering a 10m range and 2.1Mbps transmission rate. The system is aptX HD enabled, allowing up to 24-bit Hi-Res Audio to be streamed wirelessly without down-conversion.

Up to 30 hours playback & quick charging over USB-C

With 30 hours of music playback on a single charge, the AU-XT ANC is ideal for long listening sessions and long-haul travel. Even with ANC turned on, the AU-XT offers up to 14 hours of runtime. For those in a hurry to charge-and-go, a 15-minute top-up using the high-power USB-C connection allows the AU-XT ANC to deliver an hour and a half’s playback.

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Long session comfort

Catering for a wide range of ear shapes and sizes, the AU-XT ANC has been designed for all-day comfort. The soft silicon headband provides gentle, even clamping pressure across a broad range of head widths to deliver long-session comfort. The ear cup materials integrate the softest synthetic protein leather, covering a memory foam core. The combination is engineered for long listening comfort while providing acoustic sealing for improved isolation. The silicone band and ear pads are sweat and moisture resistant.

Onboard sound controls, AI voice assistant and call integration

The AU-XT ANC features onboard controls with tactile feedback, allowing the user to quickly toggle through skipping tracks, play/pause music, and adjust volume levels. Connected phone features include a high-quality microphone and buttons to answer, end or switch between calls. The mic is also used for the AU-XT ANC’s AI voice assistant technology.

UK availability, pricing

The Ausounds AU-XT is available now, priced around £199.99.


  • Bluetooth Version BT 5.0 (10mm range)
  • Bluetooth Protocol A2DP/AVRCP/HSP/HFP/aptX HD
  • ANC Depth 28dB
  • Driver 40mm Graphine, full range, 32 ohms
  • Frequency response 20Hz-40kHz
  • Peak SPL 98dB
  • Battery ANC off / on 30hrs/14hrs (500mAh)
  • Charge time 2hrs
  • Weight 245 grams
  • Waterproof IPX4
  • Supplied with Travel case, 3.5mm jack cable, USB-C charge cable, aircraft adapter
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