Audio Pro reveals the Link2 affordable WiFi multi room streaming


Building on the success of the Audio Pro Link1, the Scandinavian audio specialist has gone a step further with the Link2, a high-quality audio streamer that offers an instant upgrade to older HiFi set-ups. The Link2 includes AirPlay 2 and Google Cast support, plus integration with Audio Pro’s multiroom platform. Its multiple inputs – more than its predecessor – easily bring other sources, including record players, into the WiFi streaming world, too.

Jens Henriksen at Audio Pro explains; “In a time when increasing focus is placed on extending the life of everything you buy with the aim of not burdening the environment more than necessary, Link2 really feels like the right product. With this truly smart solution, you can reuse your old stereo instead of throwing it away when you have invested in new speakers.”

Link2 has 4 inputs and 3 outputs, including an RCA input and output, coaxial, toslink, ethernet, USB port and wireless input via WiFi and Bluetooth. Link2 can also provide a multiroom solution via AirPlay2, Google Cast and Audio Pro’s own multiroom system, giving the user greater freedom and flexibility.

There are four preset buttons found on top of the Link2, a signature feature found across Audio Pro’s range of speakers. The preset buttons give you direct access to your favourite radio station or playlists while the streamer also features a USB port that lets you easily play music directly from a music collection on a USB stick or from an external hard drive

Price and availability

Link2 is priced at £249 / $300 and is available now from Amazon