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Audio Physic announce the new CARDEAS loudspeakers
Audio Physic Cardeas Speakers

The Cardeas is the first loudspeaker of an entirely new generation that incorporates the brand-new Audio Physic PowerTrain™ technology.

Audio Physic introduces the results of years of research and development with the new Cardeas. The loudspeaker is designed from scratch to get the most out of the PowerTrain™ and deliver unparalleled sound performance. This technology includes various innovations and improvements that have not yet seen the light of day.

The Cardeas is a four-way speaker with their new multi-sandwich enclosure. Its tweeter unit HHCT III+ is separated for effective decoupling. The new HHCM SL midrange driver operates without a centering spider. The new double surround woofers and mid- woofers also work without a conventional centering spider.

The chassis contacts are newly developed and equipped with WBT PlasmaProtect™ contacts. All capacitors are newly developed and have a copper foam contacting.

The Audio Physic PowerTrain™, with its newly centred drivers at its heart, transfers kinetic energy in an unimagined and efficient way. This results in unprecedented dynamics and resolution.

• Unmatched music performance
• Incredible positioning freedom: room location non-critical
• Outstandingly precise and fast woofers
• Vast dynamic range without compression
• Extremely low distortion and resonance
• Suggested retail price: from £35,990 inc. VAT/ pair
• Ship date: 1st Quarter 2021

Audio Physic Cardeas Speakers 1
Audio Physic Cardeas Speakers 2
Audio Physic Cardeas Speakers 3