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Atlas Cables introduce the Eos Modular 2.5 Power Distribution Block
Atlas EOS Modular 2.5 Power block hifi website 5

Atlas cables the materials and engineering audio company has launched the Eos Modular 2.5 power distribution block. The Eos 2.5 has been designed to replace existing cheap multiway power blocks with something better, a quality connection. The Eos Modular 2.5 block is housed in an elegant aluminium chassis, internally wired with 2.5mm² copper conductors, ensuring unimpeded power transmission between individual sockets with minimal resistive losses.

We live in an electrically noisy soup, permeated by all manner of potential interference. The ‘household’ mains distribution blocks and extensions often used for audio/AV systems can actually contribute to performance degradation, offering little in the way of shielding, and typically incorporating noisy neon power indicators, fuse holders and low-grade wiring/bus-bars which are all points of weakness. The Eos 2.5 is a robust, no-nonsense screened power extension block designed and built to deliver unimpeded power to audio system components.

Housed in a highly conductive aluminium chassis, each socket is optimised for low contact resistance and minimal resistive losses. When used in conjunction with Eos dd, Eos 4dd or Eos Superior screened mains cables, significant RFI screening is achieved. Rubber studs or conical spikes provide an additional level of mechanical isolation or coupling, with an integral wall mounting option.

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An integrated direct ground drain path* for screened interconnects and cables featuring our Grun Coherent Earth system reduces the system noise floor still further, typically removing the digital ‘glare’ which is a typical symptom of RFI/EMI noise degrading the audio signal.

• Low contact resistance sockets
• Conductive Aluminium Rf enclosure
• 2.5mm2 conductors throughout the chain
• Drain to ground external binding post provision
• Isolation spikes and feet for every mounting possibility
• Wall mounting
• Design to compliment Eos screened power cables
• UK, Nema and Shuko variants available

All variant shipping this week with the UK retail price of £395.00

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