About Pursuit Perfect System

My name is Terry Ellis and I started Pursuit Perfect System in May 2017 with my first video review being for the Arcam P49 HiFi stereo power amplifier.  At the time of writing this, the 1st December 2020 I have made over 870 videos for my YouTube channel with over 10 million views.  I started the channel because I could see the future of HiFi reviews and content being video and on YouTube, but I found a real shortage of content for the equipment I was interested in so decided to make my own.  YouTube now has lots of great HiFi and Home Cinema channels and I feel partly responsible for this growth, especially in the UK.

What should you expect?

Reviews, reviews and more reviews – I think reviews is what you might expect to see and yes I review a lot of different HiFi and Home Cinema products.  I always wanted Pursuit Perfect System to be about more than just reviews and that is the reason I attend and cover HiFi shows, its the reason I do sound demo and A/B demo videos and more.  I always want to do more and will always do my best to give you more.

The Pursuit Perfect System website is a big part of this “more” and its going to be a focus area for me from 2021 onwards, make sure to bookmark the site and visit regularly.

How is Pursuit Perfect System funded?

In 2020 I decided to make the jump and go full time with Pursuit Perfect System and this is how I am funding the project.

YouTube ad revenue – exactly as you think it would be

Dirac Live Calibration – I complete professional Dirac Live Calibrations for customers both here in the UK and around the World for via an online service.

Patreon – If you are interesting in supporting the work I do please do via Patreon HERE

Website Advertising – As you can see now

Elite Audio Videos – You will see my videos that I have created for Elite Audio on their YouTube channel, these are not full in depth review videos, they are more product focused videos called Terry Talks.

Video featured Sponsorships – For major event coverage such as HiFi Shows like the Munich High End the cost of being there and covering the show might warrant the need for in video sponsors.  There may also be other in video sponsorships unrelated to any reviews.

Freelance Video Creation – Completing freelance video projects.

Amazon Affiliates – In the video description box of all my videos and sometimes on this website will be affiliate links to Amazon.  If you use these links then Amazon pays me a tiny commission for anything you buy, the items cost you the same.  If you can please use my Amazon affiliate links it would be greatly appreciated – here is an example of one – CLICK ME

Other Affiliate Links – there are links in my videos description box sometimes to HiFi components but often to the video equipment I use. Please use these links if you can as it really helps me out and doesn’t effect you in anyway.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me about anything at all please do, best to email me terryellis@pursuitperfectsystem.com

Pursuit Perfect System